Adopting a step-by-step planning process

Our planning experience across a diverse range of events has given us profound insights on the must-dos and crucial aspects to consider. To yield the best result throughout the process, we adopt a collaborative approach with the client, based on your vision of the event combined with our own event hospitality and catering experience and expertise.

First it’s important to lay the foundations by finalising the size of the event, the menu, type of food, number of courses, style of the occasion (buffet or à la carte for example) and the selection of beverages. Through this we can identify the service style required, plus the number and gender mix of service staff. Other considerations at this point include any stage, lighting, audio-visual or entertainment requirements, and whether the event is to be held indoors or outdoors.

We then discuss aspects such as set-up, furniture, themes, colours, table and chair styles, tableware, and any other additional requirements such as table centre pieces. We decide on uniform concepts for our service staff, based on the theme of the event, and define the event schedule – the timings of the courses or when any key note speeches or breaks might take place.

“Our thorough approach to planning ensures your event goes off without a hitch.”

In the UAE we are blessed for the main part with year-round good weather. However, when planning an outdoor event, while we can predict with some time notice on whether rain is forecast, we need to consider contingencies for moving people quickly inside.

While there are a myriad of things to consider for any event, these are the main areas outlined in brief, ensuring that we’ve covered all bases.

Key points to consider

  • Decide on the size and type of event. The number of guests and the venue, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.
  • Next comes the menu, style of cuisine, number of courses and selection of beverages.
  • The service style and gender mix of the service staff.
  • Consider the stage setup, lighting, audio-visual and entertainment requirements.
  • Table arrangements with the linen, themes, furniture, colours and tableware.
  • The event schedule, with breaks and course timings.