Our private catering services will complete your event

Whether it’s within our own DWTC complex, an intimate party at home, beach gathering, desert adventure or a festive celebration such as Eid, Christmas or Diwali, our specialist catering and hospitality teams will set up their cooking stations for your private event, ensuring every need is impeccably delivered the way only DWTC can. Just invite your guests and we’ll take care of the rest.

Choose from our international menu options. From Emirati and Middle Eastern through to Asian, continental and fusion dishes, we have the menu to suit your occasion. We customise our menus in close consultation with you, meeting any individual lifestyle or dietary needs you may have.

“Leave it in the hands of our catering team to make sure that your private event happens without a hitch.”​​​​

Emirati Catering

With our specialities in creating the finest Emirati dishes and in hosting large-scale weddings, UAE National events comprise around 80% of our private catering events. We are very often called upon to serve a mix of local and Arabic dishes with a touch of international and Asian cuisine, to celebrate occasions such as births, engagements, weddings, royal and VIP events, iftars, suhoors, and onsite or offsite banquets. We fully understand and can handle all the protocol requirements needed for a VIP or royal event. Over the years this has gained us the trust of our clients, that all the necessary arrangements are in good hands and taken care of.

Ramadan and Eid celebrations

We provide a complete range of Iftar and Suhour menus, while our events team is renowned for putting on memorable Eid celebrations. Ramadan favourites range from local ouzi, machboos and biryani to Lebanese specialities, Asian curries and traditional beverages such as sahlab, qamar el deen and soos. With our fleet of delivery vehicles and specialist off-site catering teams, we can equally prepare and serve Iftar and Suhour dishes at a location of your choice.

Holiday catering

Embracing Dubai’s openness to all cultures, we cater for every type of global celebration, from Christmas and Thanksgiving to Diwali and New Year’s Eve. Whether you prefer to host your guests at our venue or you’d like us to prepare everything for you to collect, you can be sure our chefs will make all the traditional dishes and sides making every occasion a festive one.

Home catering

If you prefer the comfort of own home, we can deliver the signature dishes of your choice to your door. For a social gathering or celebration, we can set up a full-service menu, buffet or live cooking station depending on your requirements – always with the utmost in professional service.