Special event catering – live shows

When thousands gather in one place for a live event, they expect to soak in the whole experience. A big part of this is to provide catering services uninterrupted and in plentiful supply. To make sure your live event reaches its audience with the maximum impact we set up and manage all food stands and bars, taking the hassle out of preparation and presentation.

For concerts and shows, we offer sandwiches, burgers and other grab-and-eat options. Through our knowledge and experience in catering for large numbers, along with knowing our own venues inside out, we keep things flowing. Even at times of peak demand, we’re able to turn around food and drink orders within minutes.

Of course, events such as dinner/theatre performances require something grander than a hot dog. For such events we provide a full-plated service with menus across international cuisines that perfectly complement the overall experience. We also cater to the organisers and crew behind the scenes, making sure they are eager to return to Dubai on their next tour.

“By providing the right catering solution for the right event and within the time needed, we make your live event a memorable one.”​​

Concert and show catering

We provide multiple options for concerts and shows, for both public catering and VIP lounges and for anywhere up to 15,000 people. We can prepare a variety of offerings to suit a range of tastes or demographic. In all cases, logistics is key and we work with your show timings to deliver a fast-turnaround service exactly when you want it.


Over the years, sports events have become a niche business, delivering our hospitality and catering capabilities to events such as cricket tournaments, camel racing, the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2014, the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens.

Crew and performer catering

It is often and perhaps rightly said that to ensure performers put on their best show, they need to be happy behind-the-scenes. At the forefront of this is the catering they receive. As well as keeping your audience happy, we also provide catering for performing artists and crews, even if it means working to particular dietary requirements.