State-of-the-art catering kitchens for the best service delivery

Combining the talents of our chefs and service staff with the very latest technologies we use within our kitchens ensures that every aspect of our catering operations runs like clockwork. A genuinely global, multi-cultural team, we bring the vast experience that makes our cuisine – and your event – authentic and memorable.

Our facilities match those of the world’s best restaurants. With its state-of-the-art technology and sheer scale, our 3,650 sq m of kitchen area means we can produce everything in-house.

“Our significant investment into building state-of-the-art kitchens demonstrates our standing as a leading catering company in Dubai.”

Through our hi-tech computer-controlled combination ovens, and advanced refrigeration systems, we serve food of the highest freshness and quality to your table. Negative air pressure ceilings lower the temperature and noise levels within the kitchen, greatly increasing the efficiency of our hospitality and catering team.

Quality is our underlying promise, and our attention to detail makes all the difference. We bake all our own bread, and every pastry in our patisserie selection comes straight from our ovens. We are one of the only catering companies in Dubai that has been consistently awarded the highest ratings by Dubai Municipality year-on-year, while our spotless work stations and separated preparation areas have earned us HACCP and ISO 22000 certification.​​